by Oak Palace

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demo of our future first album. recorded in jonathan's bedroom


released September 15, 2016

dave, nate, osmar, jonathan



all rights reserved


Oak Palace San Diego, California

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Track Name: Intro (demo)
If I see all my friends on my way out tonight
I won’t say anything makes any sense I'm just thinking outloud

But don’t
Don’t say
I’m never
Coming back

If I see
All my friends
On my way
Out tonight
Track Name: End It Right Here (demo)
Far from the truth
Far be it from me
To take on the task
And speak honestly

I only chose this way
Cause I don't have another
You're not the one you said
naive but undercover

What have I’ve done

But if I tell the same lies
More than once
Will it be alright

I’m not sure if I
can tell what's going on anymore
Televised appearances
more of the same
Track Name: Bookshelf (demo)
Said your name
Too many times in my head
Calling out to you
Now has lost its meaning

You come in
Into my workplace
Right at me
With old hello
After what's been said
You still hold your ways
It seems like my blood is not like the one in your veins

You said it all before
Silence is all
We don't really know

I’m just a book in your shelf now
One of your soft cover paper backs
And though it seems like you read all my interesting lines
I know there is something to bring you right back
Track Name: Rock With Me (demo)
State of mind
All I can do is time
Until they realize
The quarantine in my eyes
From all the blue skies
That’s what I’d imply

Its passing by
The sweet use of senseless rhyme
To please her like she wants
And stop the nostalgic sigh
From all the good that was
Just leave it later try

Rock with me baby

Come to the fiesta
I got a spot for you in line
Come to the fiesta
What can I say to make you change your mind?

Think it through time
The tide has a way to decide
To turn and do some new
Wanting for us to try
Take it or leave it there
Consume our present delights

Rock with me baby

How long will I still come and go